Wednesday, March 13, 2013


This is just a quick entry, wanted to show you my new TA-DA :)

Today will be showing you my new FO...granny barefoot sandals, I saw one on etsy and it's being sold for 35USD!, it's a bit pricey for me as I know how to make the same, so why buy when I can make one, right?

So if you want one for yourself, and need a pattern let me know and will make it, just leave a comment below. 



Pattern Source: GBS by Jinky Flaviano
Materials used: DMC cotton PerlĂ©
Needle size:2.5mm
Project started: 12.03.2013
Project finished: 12.03.2013
Item size:  ladies size

ETD:  the pattern is now available on my Ravelry.  Enjoy.

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Marni Cordato said...

Did you say to leave a comment in order to get a free pattern?
Love the look of the barefoot sandals!
Thank you!

Jinky Flaviano said...

Hi Marni,

Thanks for the appreciation, I've provided the link, if you're on Ravelry you can d/l directly from there.
let me know if you can't and will send you the pattern via email.

Ashley Loy said...

I am having trouble on row 2. Do I do (3dc, ch2, 3dc) 6x then (ch1, dc) 6x?

Bernie Byerrum said...

Can't figure out how to attatch the ties, as each row has a raw edge.If I attatch them to the top row, the bottom row edge is left fopping around. If I attatch them to the bottom row the top row is left flopping around. It almost seems like the top and bottom rows both need to be attatched to the ties somehow to fit right. Help please!

Bernie Byerrum said...
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Jinky Flaviano said...

@bernie, I sent you my reply, let me know if you got it.

Jinky Flaviano said...

@Ashley, so sorry for such a late reply, were you able to figure it out? let me know if you still need help.

Melissa Hansen said...

i'm looking for the granny barefoot sandal pattern,it's so cool I would like to make it for
my son's wedding

Jinky Flaviano said...

@Melissa, to get the pattern please click the link above to go my ravelry page.
Let me know if you got it.
Thank you.