Saturday, March 02, 2013

{Socks} + {Pillow Case} = unsatisfied crafter

Enough said about my failure as a blogger, will just have to make do of what I can shall we?  So I've been productive, proud to say it.. LOL

Unsatisfied, as I want to knit or crochet something worth my time and yarn, and lately, I've been thinking my unfinished cross stitch project, feeling guilty for neglecting it for a long time... (4 years to be exact).

I've knitted DH a socks, pattern is very easy to follow... and the designer happens to be an acquaintance of mine. :)

So here it is in all it's glory

Pattern Source: Plissé for Mike by Jocelyn Viernes
Materials used: Lionbrand Sock Ease -  [photo]
Needle size:2.5mm
Project started: 19.01.2013
Project finished: 06.02.2013
Item size:  men size

Love yarn as well, and there was quite a lot of yarn left after I finished the sock.  I think it can still be used to knit socks for a toddler...

And while in between new projects, I am still on my granny afghan.. I just don't have the same spirit as I have when I started it, guess I just don't like mixing different kinds of yarn on this, but I still hope it will come out fine.

After Plissé  I finished my first GRANNY SQUARE ENVELOPE PILLOW CASE.  The pattern used the basic granny square pattern, which you can easily find on the web, used word like crochet+granny square on search field. 

And I sew the other half to make it an envelope case. 

As for the yarn I used, I bought it from a convenience store here in Riyadh, thought it will be nice to make a pillow case, it's arcylic, soft, and nice to the skin, but somehow I think this will not last long after a few washing.  I think I might have to order some cotton yarn and redo this one more time. (another excuse to buy more yarn, ha!)

 ...and so that's my update on my crafty life. I still have yet to find another project that is worth knitting and mentioning, though I'm thinking of knitting WISPY from Quince & Co.. will see if I can find some yarn on my stash. And I hope to start my Cross Stitch work called Wild Horse soon...

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