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Thursday, September 10, 2009

OH NO!!!!

-dated: September 08 Tuesday

Here I am happy as can be, cause I'm almost done with Red Kite finished with the following:
  • shoulder seams
  • side seams
  • sleeve seams

And when I'm about to insert the sleeves to the arm hole, lo and behold, the sleeves are smaller than the arm hole!

How this be? Why didn't I account the fact that when modify a pattern using a different gauge, I must take into consideration the size of the sleeves to the arm hole? Why is this not mention on the books I read and referred time and time again?

Can you just imagine how frustrated and am now about to pull my hair out!tension

I can't believe this, I'm almost done and now I have to rip both sleeves and redo them, but this time, I don't know how many stitches I have to cast-on.

Not to mentioned that the guy from the LYS where I bought the yarn put the label (with the dye lot and all) on different shade of red! So now the middle part has a lighter shade. This kind of mistake I can live with, but the sleeves?!?!

I'm thinking of ripping the whole front and of course the sleeves but that would mean another month on this one.

I think I have to put this blog on hold and think of ways to save this project.

-dated: September 10

After two days of agonizing, I'm now a bit more composed, and has come with a plan on how to attack this dilemma, I am thinking of picking up the stitches on the arm hole, to make sure that the sleeves will fit, and will be knitted in round. Now the question is, how many stitches should I need to pick up? Next thing do is I have to figure out how many decreases should I make on both ends and it interval when doing the decrease.

I've measured the arm hole - 19cm, and my gauge on a 4mm needle is 22-23stitches by 35rows over 10cm. Please tell me if I should do the picking up or just redo both sleeves and insert them when done seaming on both sleeves.

Hope someone will help me out...

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a new project: Red Kite

So I finished Abbie's Tunic last month, and so happy with the result, it's my very first wearable, and so happy with it:please: can't stress that enough! lol, although I need to practice more on my seaming techniques though...

I also casted-on a pullover this time it's eldest DD. The pattern is from The Rowan Story Book of Little Knits, but before I go on about this new project here is the photo the finished Tunic.

Project Details
Project Name: Abbie's Tunic
Source Pattern: Debbie Bliss Knitting Workshop Workbook
Pattern Name: Child's V-Neck Tunic
Materials Used:
Yarn: Nevada Athleta (SportWeight)(cream and bluish gray)
Needles: 2.75mm and 3.75mm straight needles
Date Started: April 15, 2009
Date Finished: July 06, 2009

I've added a monogram which is my daughter's initial. The tunic kinda big on her but I'm sure by fall or winter this year, it will fit her much better.

Now on to the next project - I called this red kite, i just love the color and and the little lace edge on it.

The pattern called for an Aran weight yarn, but instead I used a sport-weight yarn and smaller needles. So you can just imagine the modification I did. I did some math magic to determine how much I needed to cast on, and with the help of some of my knitter friends I was able to finish the back part. I am almost finished with the front, now I'm on the arm hole shaping, can't wait to see this done - target date is at the end of August.

I will then cast-on a vest for my DH... hope he'll like the pattern I'm going to use.

And here is the yarn I used for this project, wind it up using my yarn winder which btw is one the most wonderful thing that I purchased when I was in Manila. I so love my yarn winder

And with all these projects, my youngest is now demanding to make her another pullover with purple or fushia color! such a demanding child she is gatai ...

I'm still thinking of knitting some scarves for my badminton friends, as a Christmas gift.. now I' wonder if I can still be able to do that....

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