Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It Was Fun While It Lasted

Smile is all I can do these days, Friends come and go, but the hardest part is the letting go part, as you don't know when you'll ever gonna see each other again.

I wasn't active in my knitting/crochet after the G.B.S.  I took two test knit one is a shawl and the other is a socks pattern, but I haven't got the chance to take a post a photo of them - I will have to push myself to do this one day.

I had a month short :( vacation in Manila, and I must say it's one of those vacation that you didn't get to see a lot of places but still you had a grandest, time well spent vacation. Overall it so much fun and very productive, maybe because there has not been a dark cloud hanging by lately, until...

:( I just don't want to listen to all negative vibes anymore %-(

But I'm still optimistic to hear some good news next month. As I need it badly...

On a lighter side, since I've been getting a lot of request to make them some of my hand made knitted items, and most of them are wiling to pay for it, I've decided to put up a Facebook page called - Jinky's Handmade Goodies, this where I can take orders from my friends and their friends :)  So please click the link and like it on Facebook.

Have a great week!

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