Friday, September 28, 2012

Failed Blogger…but Active Crafter

So what have I been up to? I’ve been busy. Yes, I am… that’s the reason why I didn’t get to update this blog. Sad smile Anyway so what’s the latest updates on my crafting? See below.. Smilewill start from the latest. I hope you’ll enjoy this post. If you need further information about the projects I posted let me know and I will surely try to do what I can. Have a great day and happy knitting.

Zenssy Top

Pattern Source: Zenssy Top by Adeline Too
Materials used: Neveda Athleta-Olive Green [photo] – MC
                       Neveda Athleta – Purple [photo] - CC
Needle size: 3.5mm and 3.00mm
Project started: 14.09.2012
Project finished: 26.09.2012

HollyBerry Shawl

Pattern Source: Hollyberry Shawl by Natasha Robarge
Materials used: Neveda Sirene-2000 [photo]
Hook size: 4.00mm
Project started: 14.08.2012
Project finished: 21.08.2012

Tiny Dancer
Pattern Source: Tiny Dancer by Nicole Montgomery
Materials used: Neveda Athleta [photo]
Needle size: 3.5mm and 3.00mm
Project started: 25.07.2012
Project finished: 14.08.2012

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