Tuesday, May 29, 2012

crochet bolero v1.2

The bolero has been blocked, and am still unsure how to go about the sleeves... I'm just waiting for it to get dry and will get on with it the sooner the better.. I want this to get over and done with.. all this adrenalin rush...

I also wanted to take up another workshop at Craftsy, Fit to Knit by Stephanie Japel... just not sure if the class is ok, guess I have to check out and see first all the comments about her class before I swipe my card again.

Btw, here is the photo I took just earlier after pinning the bolero... my mini me helped with all those pins :) She's just a great helper... 

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Monday, May 28, 2012

crochet bolero - v1.1

Yesterday I was talking about two projects, the shawl (a test knit) and the bolero,remember, the hot pink bolero?  Well I just finished the first half front panel and am now onto the next part... I was hoping this will gonna be my very own bolero but I guess it's not gonna happen.

You see, aside from the gauge..oh which btw did I mentioned that I didn't bother making one?.. I just played it by hunch.. and now see where it got me, Oy!   - well I thought if I could just make my base chain the same width as my back then I won't go wrong.. well... ha! that's what I think.. you see when I started my base chain.. the measurement is 45cm...

so I fitted it against my back.. and I saw that it's just enough to cover my whole upper back. but was thinking.. what will happen if I sew the edges together.. now that's a revelation... but because I was still in denial, I continued working on the first panel.. and when I fitted on the dummy.. guess what, it looks like this is going to be a size S after all!

Here is the photo taken yesterday afternoon after I did got to finish the first panel....

Guess I'll just have to find out if this will gonna be part of my Christmas gifts this year.... to be continued...

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

it's been a looooong week....

The past week has been such a loong week... hubby just got back from a week's training from Finland.. and I have missed him so much.. I've never missed him this much before...  GETTING SWEETER??? hehehe

Anyway so what have I been up to while hubby is away?  PLAY of course!  ... before you make any ideas will show you what I did this past week.. I decided to play some stitches and search for some yarn to play with.

I also have another test knit which luckily I get to submit it on July.. :) yay! more time to do other knitting / crochet stuff.

So let's get on with the agenda for today...

Here is my Rosewood Shawl - to be submitted on July - a TEST KNIT

I had a hard time doing the lace at the beginning.. I had to rip the first 2 pattern repeats 4x! I was frustrated, couldn't understand how such a simple pattern couldn't get into my stubborn head! 
To make the long story short, I got it eventually and now I finished 8 pattern repeats, yeah still slow huh, because I can't help missing my honey hubby that's why..  and decided to put this away for awhile as I can't concentrate.

While I was missing him.. and knowing me... I can't sit still without tinkering something.. I need to keep my mind off so... first I did some mending on my kids shorts..sewing, fixing things at home.. but still can't stop this nagging voice that I have to do some more challenging stuff.

So I ransack my yarn storage.. and got a nice Monaco Thread (viscose) 

and look for some stored patterns on my hard drive...and this what I found...  Isn't it gorgeous? 

The stitch pattern is very easy.. it has three kinds of stitch pattern but I'll discuss it more on my next blog.. so for now I'll show you where I'm at on the pattern, I'm almost done on the back part of the bolero, and I really enjoy the thread I use on this...

As I have said I will tell you more about those two mentioned patterns on a my next blog.

Below is the close up look on the stitch pattern...

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

First Test Knit pattern done

Finally I can now post the finished test knit for a pattern designer Lisa.

Claudine Layered Top and Dress

Pattern Source:   Claudine Layered Top and Dress by Lisa Chemery
Materials used:  Neveda Athleta MC in purple                     
                         Neveda Athleta CC in greenish gray
Needle size: 3.50 mm
Project started:  07.05.2012
Project finished: 12.05.2012

Next post will the pixie hat, as soon as I got the go signal from the pattern designer.

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Monday, May 14, 2012


Yesterday was Mother's Day, (from where I came from)... and we celebrated it with couple of my friends from my badminton club.  We had potluck, and the sharing and mingling did me good.  Wishing it will be more often (the get-together) *smiling sheepishly*

And the day before that was my hubby's birthday, we just had some Saaddedin cake, didn't do any celebrating, as he wants to be done next month together with my birthday.. double celebration he says :)
On my knitting side, I have 3 test knits to be finished by the end of May, so far I finished the one for an 18-mo old girl, and I casted on the second one for 4-12 years old PIXIE HAT.

The last one is a shawl and all of them will be revealed as soon as I got the designers approval to post a picture of each project.

So what's been bugging me these past weeks, you ask? well I wanted to acquire some super-washed merino yarn on bright colors, so I can make some granny square blanket just like what this guy did...

Don't you just love the colors he used?! So now I'm checking out which yarns is good that gives a much yardage so I can order them and start crocheting. It will definitely look good on my daughters bed. :)  

Am looking for a DK weight that is super wash.. preferably merino wool.  That wouldn't be so hard now I have narrowed down the search,isn't it? (ha and so I thought!).

I went to RAVELRY to do some yarn search and the return gave me 17 pages,argh!, so much for positive thinking, I guess I have to do some "cost-benefit analysis", like which yarn gives more yardage, has a lot of wide range of color and price. 

I'll try to see if I can do some study and will show it to you once it's done... I hope it will  be easy.... *fingers crossing .

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