Saturday, April 28, 2012


 I love my DSLR, Cannon EOS 550D, and I'm still learning all the neat tricks my camera can do, so while learning it I stumble upon this great simulator where you can try all the basic features a DSLR has.. hope you'll like it.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

secret project

Yes, I have a secret... sshh.. need to conceal what this is going to be but definitely will reveal this once it's done.. to whom this will go to.
But for the meantime.. here is a sneak peak of my secret project.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Withdrawal symptons

 yeah that's right... after the skywalker, I made a shrug for Arwen as a birthday gift.  This is for 2T.

This is the same pattern I used for my daughter - purple victorian shrug 

I'll post a photo of her wearing the shrug as soon as I get it from her mom.

Pattern details:


Pattern Source: Victorian Shrug - Baby to Adult by Lisa van Klaveren

Materials used:  DMC Senso Microfiber Cotton 
Needle Crochet size: 3.75 mm
Project started: 14.04.2012
Project finished: 16.04.2012

It has been 4 days since I last hold held a hook or a needle.. now my hands are itchy to start another project, but I can't seem to decide what to make. I promised one of the seniors in the club I'm with (sporty club i.e.) that I will make her a bolero, specifically like a cardigan, she wants her front covered.

So went to my stash and look for some yarn that she would like, unfortunately I don't have enough yarn.. so I went to my LYS and bought DMC Petra in the shade of mocha...

So now I have my yarn... the only missing item is a pattern and I'm good to go... I'm choosing between crochet bolero from Drops and a knitted one called Easy Shrug... the only problem is the gauge - my guage; they are off... :( I hope I can find a pattern soon... this withdrawal symptoms is getting harder to control as the days passed by...

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Skywalker Adventure... finally done

Finished my Skywalker Shawl, so glad I went through the whole class... I had a great time following Laura Nelkin on Craftsy.  I still have one project from her class I haven't started yet, it's called Clarus.  Clarus will have to take a back seat for awhile...will do this once I know for sure which yarn should I use.

Had a wonderful time working this shawl on Stroll Tonal from Knit how the yarn wraps the needle... it gives a nice glossy sheen.  I just had a hard time blocking this shawl as I don't have blocking wires, and hardware stores I know here in Riyadh doesn't sell any stainless steel rod... bummmer no.. so what should a SAHM would do?... improvise of course! 

I used thread and painstakingly thread it onto the shawl, while one by one I pin it to my blocking board ... it only took me 2 hours to finished blocking and it was already dry when I finished.. so I have to spritz with warm water the whole thing again making sure it get it all wet so to have a nice stretch...

So happy that even when my daughter (Abbie) accidentally broke one of the needle, I didn't even gave it much thought!

Do you see the white thread I used ?

So without any further ado...

Skywalker Shawl in Deep Waters

Pattern Source:  Skywalker Shawl by Laura Nelkin
Materials used:  Knit Picks Stroll Tonal  in Deep Waters
Needle size: 3.75 mm
Project started:  27.03.2012
Project finished: 14.04.2012

Of course this doesn't mean I am now free and not doing anything yarnie...

I am now making a crocheted bolero for a friend's daughter who will be turning one this week.....

I just finished the back and the first sleeve, started the other sleeve last night while watching Private Practice and Ghost Whisperer (re-run).

Photos of it will have to wait.. so lazy to upload it now...

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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Skywalker Adventure

So far my knitting Skywalker Shawl is doing, quite well surprisingly... no major frogging happened, except once; now am at my last section before the edging and can't wait to finish this within the week and see what it would look like after blocking. :D
Below is a photo of the shawl doing the Planet Stitch, done row 14 of 32 rows.  This may look like a crap at the moment, but wait till this get steam and block.


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Monday, April 02, 2012

love songs just makes me sad...

So what am I currently up to?  At present I'm finishing another shawl from Craftsy - enrolledin one  of their workshop, and so far I like how the course is being presented - MASTERING LACE SHAWL .

I'm now on section 4 - doing the Plasma Stitch.. and kinda irritated as I can't seem to focus on my knitting.. been missing a yarn over and been dropping all the wraps.. *argh!*

And while I'm doing this shawl been listening to this guy's mix of love songs... sad love songs.. the what might have been songs... oh well..
Tracks are as follows:

1 – Lovers in the wind
2 – Love
3 – This Time I know its real
4 – She Makes me feel
5 – Love Me
6 – But if you leave me
7 – Too Young
8 – A friends
9 – If you remember me
10 – Please Don’t stop Remembering
11 – You Are My Everything
12 – I’ll never say goodbye
13 – Where are you now
14 – I don’t want to loose you love
15 – More Than just the two of us
16 – It was almost like a Song
17 – Sentimental lady
18 – Moonlight Flower
19 – I love you

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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Hoping for a better 2012

My first entry for year 2012.  But been busy knitting/crocheting wise as always.. :)
Below are some of my finished objects... Hope this will inspire you to continue knitting and doing wonderful things.

January Finished Item:


Pattern Source:  Ruby red shrug by Bernadette Ambergen
Materials used:  DMC Petra Crochet Cotton 5 in old Rose colorway
Hook size:  3.00 mm
Project started:  01.01.2012
Project finished:  12.01.2012

 Green Holden

Pattern Source: Holden Shawlette by Mindy Wilkes  
Materials used:  Knit Picks Stroll Tonal in Canopy colorway
Neelde size:  4.00 mm circular - Addi Lace Turbo
Project started:  18.12.2011
Project finished:  24.01.2012

February finished Item

Tweedie Shrug

Pattern Source:  One Skein Wonder by Stefanie Japel
Materials used:  Scheepjeswol Highlands
Needle size:  5.00 mm
Project started:  28.01.2012
Project finished:  03.02.2012
Forum discussion:  CRAFTSYDesigned by: Stefanie Japel

 Mini Bolero - crochet-along

Pattern Source:  Mini Bolero C by Mayumi Kawai (河合真弓)
Materials used:  Coats Manila Bay Cannon Solid
Hook size:  2.00 mm & 1.75 mm
Project started:  14.02.2012
Project finished:  11.03.2012
Forum Discussion:  Ravelry - Crochet in the Philippines

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