Wednesday, June 24, 2009

beads for the first time

Knitting and crochet accessories doesn't come here often, and sometimes I find myself drooling and frustrated over the internet whenever I got the chance to see some of it like stitch marker, holders and cable needles.

When I saw a video on DIY stitch marker and row counters, I was inspired and decided to learn how to do some beadings. So when I was in Manila, I bought several beads, eye hook, jump rings, toggle and lock, round and flat pliers for creating loops.

I kinda get the hang of doing the loops, but still need more practice, I'm enjoying this new hobby of mine, doing stitch markers... Now if I could just find a store/stores that carries beads for such purpose.....

Here are the results of my first try on DIY stitch markers menari.

And of course I'm still wishing I can get hold of Knitpicks lace yarn sampler. I want to get my hands on the riverstone shades (neutrals shades of cream and brown). I'm such a fan on neutral colors, don't ask me why cause I too am curiousfikir

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Holiday, Yarns and Knitting

Been very busy, so it's just now that I am able to put anything on this site.

My family and I had a very nice holiday in our hometown. I was able to meet Mona of Knittipina, and her sister Joy. It was so nice meeting my fellow yarn addicts so I hope next year we can hook up again and maybe meet new friends like say - Mimi of Crochet and Other Stuff and Gene of Gene + Experiment. I also got lots of goodies from Joy and some of the stuff I ordered through Mona - needles and book from Knitpicks.

Here are the photos...

You can see here the knitpicks, and also I got the chance to visit my favorite yarn shop in Makati - Dream Yarn shoppe by Tita Lilli. I bought several knitting accessories - split ring markers, cable needles and saw these dpns that I can't resist it comes with different colors, so I bought two sets, which by the way if my budget would've allowed I could have bought 4 different ones kenyit I also got the chance to get the last remaining yarn guide tool (not sure if that's what you called it) the one that you put on your index finger when you're doing color knitting so that the yarns will not get tangle up with each other while knitting them. Bought some Bernat Afghan yarn two skeins for each four different colors, Patons Kroy sock yarn, and 7 cones of Monaco raylon crochet and embroidery threads (removed the spool, it's causing some heavy weight on my luggage)

And you think I left my knitting back home? no way I brought the Tunic with me and was able to do most of the front part of the tunic in Manila and finished it after I got back. I added my youngest daughter's initial on the left side and this is my very first attempt in color knitting as well.

I'm now doing the first sleeve, I getting so excited over this, I can't wait to block and seam them together. Am still hoping I'll be able to finish the Tunic by the end of June. Here's keeping my fingers crossed.senyumkenyit

But before all these things, I was able to finished a simple lacey head band before I went to Manila, and here it is...

Me while waiting to board our plane from Bahrain to Manila, I let my youngest daughter borrowed my camera as she was so bored and tired imagine we have to wait 5 hours for the flight (it was a connecting flight - from Riyadh to Bahrain) and it can be tiring to a little girl that have to wait that long. Good thing she was able to take a 3hr nap and woke up feeling refreshed.

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