Friday, January 16, 2009

My One Hundred & One Post...

and my first post for the year 2009.. so what can I say for myself.. yup been gone long, neglecting and got side-tracked from blogging... so to start

I wanted to brag what I've done so far.. I just finished my Kimono Shrug from the book Just Wraps.. but I didn't like how it fit me, so I decided to put it away and think about frogging them, but my eldest daughter saw the shrug and asked if she can have it .. so what can a mother do? Good thing it fitted her nicely, a little big but she was able to carry it nicely... she even wore it last week to school. They are allowed to wear civilian clothing for the winter season..

Will post the Kimono as soon as I am able to take a photo of it...

Next I was able to finished a cable crochet hat and booties for my husband's officemate's baby...
Booties : ravel it

Image Hosted by

Cable Crochet Hat : ravel it

Image Hosted by

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