Monday, October 27, 2008

not bad for starters

style="font-family:lucida grande;">miss you guys!, been offline for several days, and I miss postings! lol so what's been keeping me off my puter, well here's why...It's the 2nd Elite Badminton Club Invitational Badminton Tournament has just concluded last October 24, and our team Apollo bag the 1st Runner Up, i got the 1st Runner Up for Ladies Double in category F, considering I only had a month practice. I wasn't able to perform well on the last two games, but overall I'm so happy.

I know I promise you guys photos, so here they are. There are more photos, but I'll just upload them on my multiply photo page.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

my former love is back!

Have you ever have that feeling of elation when you got the chance to "meet up" with your former love? lol, not that kind of love your thinking!

I'm referring to badminton. I fell in love with the sport when I was in high school, and even became a varsity player, but I didn't had a chance to join in any tournament, cause I had this feeling that I wasn't in good shape nor had ample skills to compete back then (it's not like I am now that good, lol). I would have continued playing even in college days if only the university I enrolled at (UST - GO TIGERS!) offered that sport (for my batch).

And just three weeks ago, I was back in the court again, enjoying every relay with gusto and trying to remember all the footwork drill my couch has taught me, though some of the drills have been long forgotten my smash and drop technique are still there. There are still much to re-learn, and I'm happy that my DH has joined me in playing the sport. The badminton team was organized by the parents of the student at FUGEN (my daughters' school).

And to conquer the fear of competing, I joined the inter-school tournament which will be held tomorrow October 16 - I'm entered at the lowest category F - which is fine by me, actually I don't mind those kinds of things - , so far I haven't been getting any cold feet yet. I try not to think about the tournament, more of psych myself that it's just a game, and I am there to have fun and get the chance to meet other people and nothing more. I keep telling myself - don't fuss to much on footwork drill, and what if I'm out of timing in hitting the bird, besides getting a chance to be in a tournament means I have a potential to win the game. So wish me luck!

Update on my knitting, well kinda admit, I am neglecting my Lyra, I'm irritated at the circular needle I'm using, i don't have smaller cable size the only one I have are either 90cm or 100cm, and I don't have dpns that is longer than what I use to knit socks. Now I know why there are different cable sizes, I thought it's just a waste of money purchasing circular needle with different cable sizes.

As for the shrug I'm knitting, I just finish the back part, I'm now doing the belt portion will be attached to the back and the sleeves..I'll try to get a decent photo of the back and belt portion. Hopefully I can finish it before the month ends.

So now I'll go back to bed and get that much needed sleep for tomorrow's game, till next blogging.

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Revolutionary Road

Once again the two most admire people in Hollywood will be seen again in the big screen, called Revolutionary Road, based on Richard Yates' celebrated 1961 novel. It's about a couple who got married, have family and made a home in a suburbs, and finding themselves becoming the kind of people they don't want for themselves.

This will be shown in December and I'm looking forward to watching this movie, directed by Sam Mendes (Academy Award winning director) - Kate's husband.

I hope I can get the book before then so I can read it and be able to compare how Leonardo and Kate portrays Frank and April in the movie. I would love to see them again see them whipping up love spells and makes you fall in love again.

read more here - Revolutionary Road

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