Sunday, July 13, 2008

...a knitted bottle holder (my own design) & my first knitted socks

W oohoo done half of Waterfall socks by Northern Sunshine Designs and I am now on the leg part of the second half of the sock pattern. I used the yarn (Scheepjes Invicta Extra fingering yarn)I dyed with Koolaid, this will will be Abbie's socks...

I just realized it's my first yarn dyed and my first knitted socks.... *doing happy dance here*

Next is my Waterbottle holder - mentioned on my previous blog, this is my own design, DH likes it very much. I used the stitch called Diagonal Garter Stitch, but the pattern my design. I know I still have lots to learn knitting a bag and I would appreciate any tips you can send my way.

Materials: Vanna's Choice
Color: Taupe
Needle size: 5mm straight
Started: 3rd Week of June
Finished: 4th week of June

And a photo on one afternoon while my youngest is taking her siesta (afternoon nap) wink.

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

introducing... PEPPER

yes, our newest member of the OHANA... meet Pepper. She is a persian cat, Tortoise in color has green eyes, and she's 2months and 13 days old.

at first i thought i will have a hard time taking care of a cat, since it's my first time to get a pet cat, used to have dogs when i was in high school. but having cat is something I am enjoying very much.

her first day was just wonderrful, we brought her home and released her from her kennel, she immediately familiarized herself of the house, she first ran into the kitchen, and into kids bedroom and mine. she was running back and forth, until the kids decided that it's safe to play with her.

she ate heartily that night probably due to exhaustion - been playing with the kids for almost an hour and half. Abbie is so delighted with Pepper and she keeps calling her While Angel is so protective of her, typical for an eldest daughter.

Pepper is a one smart cat, i only taught her, her kitty litter and she immediately know where to find it. She didn't even have what they call an adjustment period from her new surroundings. She loves to eat, although she still skinny but i will do my best to fatten her up lol

the next day i gave her a bath, which surprisingly she didn't give me a hard time, i prepared myself to this tasks (been reading alot online on cat's grooming) and boy i did it with no scratch at all. Hurrah for me! smile

she like to be groomed, she even goes to sleep while I groomed her! silly cat. Pepper purrs alot, which I was told that it was a good thing because according to Jennee that means she is happy and content. razz

Pepper already has established a routine around the house,
  • when kids are at school, she will just sleep the whole day,
  • waking up for a bite to eat, and off to sleep again.
  • when kids are at home, it's play time with her
  • and night time, once she saw us (me and hubby) in our bedroom, she will hop on to bed and lay down on my pillow. so technically she is now sleeping in our bed...
  • and from time to time will call out to me (like a baby asking for her milk) and will bring her to the kitchen to give her food.
however, the only thing that worries me is that she only likes to eat dried kitten food, I've tried giving her Whiskas wet food (once), but she didn't like it. She prefers her food KITTEN 36

so am how wondering if I can give her a canned tuna on water or brine? or should i wait for a couple of months? i am afraid she will outgrown her kitty food first before i can introduce to her a new kind. sad

enjoy this photo of her on my pillow at first glance i thought my camera got wonky since i can't find her face so I enlarge this one.... lol

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