Monday, June 30, 2008

so on to my knitting story

t was my birthday last friday.

But only got to celebrate it the next day, which also happens to be my mom's death anniversary.

Okay so what have I been up to lately, aside from hoarding lots of goodies [what i mean is books and knitting/crochet supplies] back in Manila?

Okay so here goes, back in Manila, I've tried doing some knitting, but didn't succeed, it's hard to concentrate
sad what I was trying to make is KAL lace shawl I was in. Decided not to continue since it's obviously will not be successful too much distraction, will probably do it after I get back to Riyadh.

So now, well I'm back from vacation
cool , and still no shawl sad, but I just finished knitting a water bottle holder (tin) for my hubby (done sewing the strap to the holder just now). no pics today, it's 2:30 am (no decent light) probably wait till morning, promise will post it. razz

I have attempted to knit socks and finally after [nth time of attempting] I made one
biggrin. I just followed the instructions, [forgot where I got it, but the maker of the instructional sheet is Ms. Diane Noucy]. Before whenever I attempted to make a sock, I always get stuck on the gusset or shaping area of the sock, so I was so happy that i finally make a sock, although the knitted sock will be used as a model, only as a cat's paw can be fitted on the sock I just made.

Now am attempting to make another one, hopefully this time will make a pair for my kids. And after which will make another for hubby and me.

Gotta go, need to take my beauty sleep. Haven't got any decent sleep since the time we got back.

And oh, before I forgot, there is new ala-Twitter style site, but more cool, its called PLURK
and if you will look on the sidebar of my blog you can see the latest update on my PLURK.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

some stuff

ETA: The book Sensual Knits and Sensual Crochet was a favor I asked from my best friend Jennee, she used her credit card to purchase it for me (as you know I don't have a credit card)...thank you Jen!

hese are some of the stuff I bought when I was in Manila this May, sad to say I didn't had the chance to bought some yummies while in Hongkong, actually I was looking forward to buying high end yarns, only that we got to spend a day there the rest was spend in Macau.

I just wish I took some photos with Jennee when we were in ACE Water year, will make sure I have my camera with me.

Here some of the items I bought in Makati - Dreams Yarn Shoppe by Lillia De Leon.. - - Thanks Tita Lilli

The cotton twist yarn from Berroco will become a scarf (don't know yet if it's a knitted one or a crocheted one.)



The Vanna White was bought at Tita Lilli's Dreams Yarn Shoppe, while the Red Heart yarn was bought at Craftstore at Megamall Building A.

Books I bought at Powerbooks, and National Bookstore(SM San Lazaro & MOA)

and also am thinking of making some stitch markers..or a row counter beaded thing..but still have to learn how - so here are the supplies, although I know am still lacking some pliers...but will see if I can find some here in Riyadh.


All the Cannon and Monaco threads were bought in Divisoria...they're so cheap, so I decide to hoard again some more

This beautiful red ones will become Dahlia - pattern by Lily Go.





Show here are two different shades...
DSC01947 DSC01946






These are photos taken when we were in Tagaytay after our visit to the Pink Sister.


Here are shots taken at Hongkong International Airport. While waiting for our plane to arrive bound for Bahrain then Riyadh.



See the flakes forming outside our window.....

can see the plane's right wing from our window.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer Vacation

N ot so fresh from our summer vacation, we went to Macau-China and Hongkong. We stayed in Macau for five days and four nights, unfortunately I wasn't able to buy any yarns in HK, since we were only been there for 1 day. Here are the photos of our vacation in Macau...

We arrived in Hongkong airport at around 1pm, but our accommodation is in Macau so we have to take a ferry boat to get there. It took as an hour to get to our hotel (Lisboa) where we met my in-laws.

In this slide show, will show your our first and fourth day in Macau... Fourth day we went to see the St. Peter's Church ruins...


on our way to ride the ferry boat





coaster ride going to the ferry

meet my in-laws [top] - Mommy, [below] Abbie, Ate Flor & Angel

kids with lola, ate shine_ate jaja
met my in-laws [left-right] shine, angel, jaja, abbie and mommy

Cousins Ate Shine and Ate Jaja

the gang [left-right] Abbie, Mike, Angel, Robbie, Bob, Kuya Bobby, Ate Flor, Mommy, Jaja, & Shine
(I was the one who took this shot)

ate shine and abbie
Abbie & Cousin Shine

angel and ate shine
Angel and Cousin Shine

Mommy, me, Mike, Angel and Abbie

Lisboa Hotel

Abbie with Tita Flor

Ate Jaja [background] the Grand Lisboa Hotel




Second day we went to Hongkong Disney. I forgot to bring my sony T30 with me, good thing DH bought the video camera. Abbie was having an upset stomach that morning, and I was worried, and was already thinking of going back to the hotel, and let my eldest and DH and the "gang" to go Disney without me and Abbie. Good thing when we docked, and waiting for the Disney train Abbie was already feeling much better.
We bought several souvenirs while we were there, blouse/shirt, some toys and watched the fireworks.

HK Disney_2008

Third day, we went to Macau Tower. we had so much fun, the weather is cool, and a bit foggy... in the afternoon, we visited the Venetian Hotel.

Macau Tower

And here are some of the highlights while in Manila...

Manila Ocean Park

We also went to see WANDERS - a Musical Show presented by PAGCOR. To know what I'm talking about click the photo to direct you to Boy Abunda's article about this show.


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Saturday, June 14, 2008