Wednesday, January 30, 2008

getting finish clue 1 of sotsii

ip, rip, and mystic stole. Yep 3rd time, and I am now on row 41. I almost visit the Frog Pond again.

Nearly finished on that row when these irritating mad stitches stares at me like she's taunting me and said "do you dare to frog?" Of course not, cause that would mean I have to rip 2 ½ rows! but i have a solution..and here are the photos to proved that I didn't frog the whole row....

Photo 1: See the stitches on the right needle?


Photo 2: Here I am trying to frog the stitches that has only the wrong one and trying at the same time not to let stitches to get loose so I used a safety pin to hold the stitches.


Photo 3: Finally got it, and if I could just knit it....


Photo 4: See here, yarn that was on top was used to be in front, so I moved it to that back and used a crochet hook to sling it in the previous stitch...and ...


Photo 5: Here is the result. I don't have to frog the whole row...


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Sunday, January 27, 2008


hange my templates again , this time it's not because i got tired of the layout but the creator of my previous template had a subscription limit with his photo host
neutral . I just hope this time my template will be okay since am not using any photos except for the bar on every end post, so far, for me it's working quite well.

I've been busy with my kal-sotsii and as always am late, my group are now on clue 2, while I am still barely half done on clue 1. I guess I won't be getting a prize for clue 1
cry, maybe on clue 2 or 3? who knows? Putting a lifeline on every odd rows made me even made slower than I anticipated. I should have predicted that this will take a lot of concentration and time since I'm such a beginner knitter and lace at that.

Will try to post clue 1 hopefully this week *keeping my fingers crossed*. Am now on row 17...

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Friday, January 18, 2008

half of half....updates on fingerless mitt

H alf way done...and if you'll look closely, the upper portion has different stitches compared to the rest of the mitt, don't know what happen but I guess that's what I get when knitting and watching tv movie (The Adventures of Baron Munchausen was on) at the same time. But it seems it turns out kinda nice. When my YDD, fit the half of the mitt, she immediately shouted...I wanted another one in Pink, and my EDD, wanted one too, so I'll be making them another set.

As for the experience of knitting the mitt, the pattern is simple afterall, at first I was afraid to do it, but when I knit per row at a time, I kinda relaxed and realized there is nothing to be afraid of.

I wrote on my previous entry that I had cast it on a 3mm dpn (double-pointed needles), but decided to use 3.75mm circular needle and do the Magic Loop instead.

Doing the magic loop technique is a breeze, but knitting using circular needle, make my stitches a bit looser especially when I had to knit on the first stitch on the next needle, and it makes my hand a bit stiff, cause I hard time controlling the cables (is that what you called it?)

But as a whole, the experience is very rewarding, as I learned not to be afraid, even if the project looks a bit hard, just cast on and do the project one row at a time, and before you I know it, I have already finished half of the project. Plus the help of some fellow ravelers and designer - - of the pattern I am using..- - Rachel Calado of knittyknotty

Now my YDD, is bugging me to be done with my blogging and finish the other half of her mitt, so she can wear it to school tomorrow (Saturday), just hope I can finished it in time... :)

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Monday, January 14, 2008

sotsii second swatch

M ade this second swatch for the KAL which will begin on January 18, it is called Secret Of The Stoleii. This time I used DMC-cebelia size 10 with 2.5mm straight needles, and I think this time I made it look lacey. But am still thinking of using a fingerweight or sock yarn though.

The first swatch was a bit too tight, as suggested by a friend in Ravelry - Shansays, and i agree with her. Good thing I posted it on SOTSii-Ravelry group. So she suggested to go up one more needle size to make it more lacy.

Only four more days to go and the KAL will begin...can't wait to get started. So to those of you who are interested, join in the fun cause once the KAL begun, it will be closed for registration.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

cast on

Been thinking of making a knitted fingerless mitts for my two girls, but hesitant to do it, well not hesitant more of I think afraid to cast on and will be my very first if ever. Now comes the winter bite I've ever experience, today it's 5degress C (from where I come from, the coldest I've experience is 18degrees C) so for me today it's super cold, I can barely do this blog.

So because of the weather, am now casting on my first fingerless mitt, and keeping my fingers cross this will fit to a 4-year olds hand, as am following a pattern made for an adult, but changing the yarn to a dk yarn, the pattern is using a worsted weight yarn, with a 5mm dpn and has a gauge of 16

What am using now is a dk yarn, using 3mmdpn and not sure what the gauge is...will just try this to her hands as I go along with it.

It's a lacy mitt designed by Rachel Calado called Lace Fingerless Mitts.

So now here are the photos of my first cast on..

I dyed the yarn using KROGGER food coloring, this is the second time I dye using the same solution to the first yarn I dyed it with.

So the result is a more subtle orange than the first one I did.

I just made an inch of ribbing and I think I'm doing quite well for beginner.

Here is the yarn that's been cast on and I know for a fact that my yarn is not sufficient, so I'll be using the first yarn I dyed which is a more stronger orange color. And I am not sure what the outcome will be.

I just hope my 4-year old will like her fingerless mitt. :)

Here are the first yarn dye project I made...don't know if it's a disaster or what but I called them orange twins

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Friday, January 04, 2008

new year, new yarn

Happy New Year
M y first blog for the year, actually I should have blog this last month, but was caught up with the parties and ravelry and of course Multiply that I forgot [again!] all about my blog.

So here are the photos of my yarn bought, I know that I wrote on my previous blog that the yarn photo posted will be my last yarn acquisition for the year 2007, but can't keep my promise *smiling shyly* am still waiting for my digicam to upload all the photos on my pc then upload them on my flickr so I can continue this blog.

I like these yarns, they are very soft and like the sparkle added to it. Here are the details of the yarn
  1. It is made of 48% viscose, 4% polyester and 48% acyrlic blends.
  2. Has a gauge of 24 stitches by 28 rows = 10cm (4inch)
  3. It's a Sport Weight Yarn
  4. Machine Washable
  5. Needle US size 4 or 3.5mm
I'm thinking of using it for a shrug, and they are cheaper compared to Neveda Skol and Scheepjes Invicta that I usually buy.

For the first yarn photo, am thinking of making this as my daughter's shrug, but haven't decided what pattern to use, any suggestion?

neveda nice_blue
Neveda Nice, originally uploaded by life as a stitcher.

I am thinking of making this next yarn photo into a purse...what do you think?

neveda nice_bronze
neveda nice_bronze, originally uploaded by life as a stitcher.

This one will be for a scarf most probably but haven't really decided yet. I'm looking forward working with these yarns very much. I really like the feel of the yarn to my skin.

neveda nice_silver
neveda nice_bronze, originally uploaded by life as a stitcher.

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