Saturday, August 02, 2008

a roller coaster ride these past two weeks...

W oohoo again, this time I finish the other pair, (below is a photo to prove I did a socks) and just got to cast-on another sock pattern, this time it's from knitty gritty - Breeze, I first saw this on my Plurk through Twistedhausfrau (almost wrote @Twistedhausfru, fellow plurkers know about this ), and when I was about to cast-on the Nanners, DD saw the Breeze from Knitty Summer 07 and demand I made her one. I casted-on and was already near the Toe part, when I rip it all, you see I modify the number of stitches just so to fit for her, and that's where I got all messed up...will just redo the whole thing or probably make my own since i have a Sock Wizard software.


Pattern: Waterfall Socks by Northern Sunshine Designs
Materials: Scheepjes Invicta Extra
Needles: 2.5mm set of dpns
Started: July 12, 2008
Finished: July 26, 2008

So aside from sock knitting that's been keeping me away from my blogging,- please bear with me as it's very hard for me to write this down, (but have to do this), I think it will also help me move on, you see the latest member of my ohana - which I introduced on my previous blog, passed away last july 23. Doctor suspect that when I got her from the pet store, she was already sick and that her condition was aggravated when she was given her first vaccine. I will not go into details on how I tried saving her for the past 3 weeks...I just wanted to remember her when was still with us.

Now on to my next project, after finishing the Waterfalls, and can't fall asleep, I decided to start a crochet doily, and at 1:00am until 4:00am I was able to finish the spiral part of the pattern, and it took me 4 to 5 more days to finish the edgings, probably I was bored with that part of the pattern. The doily is from a Japanese book.


Pattern: Japanese Doily Book
Size: 20.8 inches
Materials: 2.10 balls Monaco Thread
Hook size: 1.25mm
Started : July 26, 2008
Finished: August 1, 2008

I also joined Ravelympics, I am in three groups, hopefully I can finished it in time, I also just joined the SOTSiii and Mystery Stole 4, will post the badge as soon I am able.

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