Sunday, July 13, 2008

...a knitted bottle holder (my own design) & my first knitted socks

W oohoo done half of Waterfall socks by Northern Sunshine Designs and I am now on the leg part of the second half of the sock pattern. I used the yarn (Scheepjes Invicta Extra fingering yarn)I dyed with Koolaid, this will will be Abbie's socks...

I just realized it's my first yarn dyed and my first knitted socks.... *doing happy dance here*

Next is my Waterbottle holder - mentioned on my previous blog, this is my own design, DH likes it very much. I used the stitch called Diagonal Garter Stitch, but the pattern my design. I know I still have lots to learn knitting a bag and I would appreciate any tips you can send my way.

Materials: Vanna's Choice
Color: Taupe
Needle size: 5mm straight
Started: 3rd Week of June
Finished: 4th week of June

And a photo on one afternoon while my youngest is taking her siesta (afternoon nap) wink.

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Jaime B. said...

Yay for first socks, no turning back now :D I haven't done much in the way of bags so far, so I have no tips really, but I like yours :D very cute pic of Kitty and MiniestminiJinky!

Jinky said...

thanks Jaime... so happy now i can knit socks for the whole fam... lol
MiniestminiJinky was happy that I was able to get a photo of Pepper sleeping beside her, she didn't know that Pepper sometimes comes up and share the bed with her.... :)

Jennee said...

Is she still scared of petting kitty?

Jinky said...

not anymore since I taught her how to carry Pepper, now I can't stop her from carry kitty... lol

Jocelyn said...

Yay for socks. I'm still plodding along with my first pair and I think once these are finished I will use heavier yarn because normal sock yarn takes me forever!

That bag rocks! Can I buy the pattern from you? Al Marai apple juice : LOL, of course it is not exclusive to the UAE.

Your wee one looks angelic in her nap.

Jinky said...

the pattern, will send it to's free... :)