Sunday, September 30, 2007

ღღSchool Projectღღ

Made the following crochet projects for my youngest daughter's United Nations activity...for the exhibit...

My daughter's class is assigned to show how Mongolian's life is...their products, and how they celebrate their festivities.....

As part of the celebration they will present a dance number as well as exhibits of their livelihood and where they live...

The exhibit will be shown on the 3rd week of October... so will just have to wait for the photos till are the photos of my contributions for the DD's teacher assigned me in the Production committee...I decided to contribute scarf, hats and a purse since Mongolia is a cold country.

Both hats and scarf is the pattern from 24-hour Crochet Project book by Rita Weiss. As for the purse, the pattern is from 100 Crochet Project book by Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss


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Saturday, September 08, 2007


Thursday - I took a "day-off" [in blogging] -the next day, instead I did my laundry, "almost" heavy housework stuff such as cleaning the kitchen, counter top, scrubbing the tiles, walls, and mopping the floors.

Today -Saturday -got the day all to myself, kids at school, hubby at work...(Saturday in Middle East country- is the start of the week, and the weekend begins Thursday to Friday).

Anyway back to are the photos of the mermaid scarf .... I finished my second mermaid scarf last Thursday night from KnittingDaily by Sandi Wiseheart

(my daughters...enjoying their scarf)

Been trying to get a free ftp one but still need to know how to use's a bit frustrating cause I can't post photo using Windows Live Writer without an FTP account...

Been trying my hand to knitting again, this time, I don't have any trouble slipping the needle into the yarn..and making that first knit will try to learn how to purl, the stockinette stitch...I just hope this time, it will be much easier....

I also visited a knitting site by Miriam Felton. There are tutorials for lace knitting, lace design tutorials and beading edge in a shawl. Lace knitting is also one kind of knitting stitch I hope someday be able to do...

And speaking of scarves...Here is a pattern - mini flower square from Japanese Book got this pattern from one of my online buddy....hope you'll enjoy.


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Tuesday, September 04, 2007 sharing.....

Started my September right... here is my WIP and finished project.

Will show first the one I finished, it's Pineapple in the Rose scarf, from Eliane Croche. I just followed the video of Elaine croche, althought it was not easy since I don't speak Portuguese. But by and by I was able to decipher some of her words as what was the chain, double crochet in their language.

Below is a scarf called Mermaid. The pattern is made by Sandi Wiseheart, editor of KnittingDaily. You can get the pattern, from their website, but you need to subscribe to their newsletter first before you can get the patterns. They have lots of nice things there.

I'm sharing... :) Yup, every end of my blog entry I will post a pattern from my collection, which I think you'll like. enjoy!

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