Tuesday, April 24, 2007

MOD - at your service....

Officially I am now the new MOD for CrochetMania Forum, everybody I meet there in the forum says that I found a great group.

Personally, I found the group to be friendly and warm. They will make you feel that you just found a friend. I am excited to do this voluntary work, and can't wait to start. I've been thinking of ways to make my space in the forum be more exciting and fun so the members will keep on checking the forum.

So if you have any suggestions, feel free to email me...and will give you credit in our forum. Wish me luck!

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Monday, April 16, 2007

✎ Bad Hair Day.... no more :)? ✎

I was thinking of some simple project I can make to pass the time the other day, and decided to make my two DDs something they can wear. So I browse the net and decided to make something for them to wear on their hair.

I’ve done another hair accessories for my kids before (some scrunchies, but didn't get a photo of them). This time, I made a kerchief from Priscilla’s pattern and the other is bobble headband from Galvanic Mag. I put emphasized on the stitches made on the kerchief, for me (not much of an expert yet, ) can see that the stitch made is unique. You wouldn't have notice that is is just made of sc and dc and on both sides of the kerchief is just hdc...

As I was browsing the next again for a pattern to make for my eldest, I chanced upon this cyber-mag, and I was admiring the Wide Bobble Headband so I scrolled down. While reading the instructions, I thought to myself that it's a bit difficult to do just yet, and lo and behold, I saw that they made another one this time with a narrower type. Which I think is simple and easy to follow. Before I knew it, I was crocheting the headband, and got excited when I can actually made the bobble stitch....So while on this project, doing the bobble stitch, at first I thought that it's easy but boy was I wrong, because one side is not well align so I made some frogging...OK I made a major frogging, OK, OK... I redo the whole thing, I was on my 5-inch bobble stitch already then. But no regrets, after I finished the project..it's worth it. :)

YAS has strike again, I bought some yarns last two days ago and here what I got for myself....:) sorry just can't help it...



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Friday, April 13, 2007

✎ Sleepless in Riyadh ✎

I did not get a decent sleep last night. I was still all up until 5 in the morning, don’t know what to do, so I decided to finish my cross stitch project “Asleep” and maybe when my eyes gets tired I might be able to have a shut-eye, but I was mistaken….

When I started my cross stitching, and started to realized that I might be able to finished it and post it on my blog, I become more alert and much more eager to finish it. I would have it posted only that my youngest woke up crying...and had to bring her back to sleep again.

So I finally put the finishing touches - back-stitch on the child and around his bed and viola...another finished project... *another pat on the back please....* Since I'm on the topic, cross stitching i.e., I decided to post some more photos of my cross-stitch supplies...I took them when I was trying to do some tweaking on my blog plus it was raining hard with some thunderstorm that night. I got bored and needed some distractions, cause I am not going anywhere with my blog tweaking - it is making me frustrated. L I also posted a photo of how the sky looked that night - it seems it agrees with my mood....

...and here are the results...

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

✐ CAL-Heart Doily 2nd Stage ✐

I just finished my CAL-Heart Doily stage 2, it was very satisfying… I am excited to get to the 3rd stage. I also updated my progress bar it now says I’m at 50% of the project.

Here is the photo of my CAL Stage 2 –Heart Doily from Crochet Allsorts - - ->

I still need to do tweaking on my blog, I want to change my cursor into “mouse follow clock”, am just having a hard time putting the script into my html…I keep getting an error results…

Well that's just it for today. Stay tuned on the final stage of CAL- Heart Doily.

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DMC Astralia

Today has been a very hectic day; I've been listing all the things I need to pack. I also wanted to finish the second stage of my CAL-Heart Doily, but first, need to post this blog. :)

Two month ago, I bought DMC Astralia, yes, you read it right, ASTRALIA... it is made of acrylic and cotton. I am not sure if DMC is still selling this kind of thread/yarn (From now on, I'll this as thread, otherwise somebody will correct me..., as well as DMC doesn't sell yarn as far as I know). I checked their website and it is not listed in their threads or senso file.

Here is the photo of the thread. I got it for 7.00SR a ball, and I am thinking of buying some more once I got back from my vacation. It comes in a mushroom like puffballs package. Dear readers, if you know anything about DMC Astralia, please email, plus your suggestions on what other projects I can make using this thread.

So here is the hat I made using DMC Astralia thread 50g, I used more than half of the skein. Using H/5.mm hook, it is done using V-stitches and on the last row shell stitches. You can get the pattern at yarncat. The thread turns out okay, - actually more than okay - it is so soft and feels good on the skin. I am thinking of other projects for this thread. I just love how this thread turns out. :)
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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Bell Hat and CAL-Doily

From Hats

From Hats

This new hat has quite a different story to tell, first I had a hard time deciding what pattern to use, second, after knowing what pattern to use, I do not have the required yarn indicated in the pattern, the pattern says worsted weight, and all I have is from ultra-fine to sport-weight yarn.

It took me two days to decide what to do with my dilemma, I want to make a hat for my in-laws, but because of limited yarn supply and with only 7mm hook, I cannot make a bigger hat fit for an adult.

Therefore, I decided to combine two sport-weight yarns with colors old rose and baby pink. The result is remarkable, the first angle is modeled by my youngest daughter -Abbie...she can't wait to try it out. My eldest -Angel, models the second, they both called it a bell hat, because of its shape. Actually, I got the pattern from the internet by Melissa Rotert from Crochet Me just click the link to get you there.

I'm also doing a CAL- from Crochet Allsorts its a Heart Doily, and it is done by stage. So far the group is still on the 1st stage, I just finished the 1st stage yesterday so I decided to post it along the hat I finished last Monday.

From Doilies

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Monday, April 02, 2007

✎ First Crochet Book & a Hat

I forgot to post this newly acquired crochet book, which I bought from Jarir bookstore here in Riyadh,Saudi.

The book is titled Creative crochet from Leisure Arts Publications you can see the photo on the sidebar. I’ve posted some of the projects which I am dreaming of accomplishing this year.

I'm suppose to post the photos here but I guess blog.com is having problems, I can't post the pics hence I just link them on my picasa Web Album.

The first one that I want to do is the Mile-A-Minute Afghan. I browse through the instructions, and I think this will be easy.

The second is another afghan. I like this work of art because of the how this was done. I like the special stitches and the tassles and how it looks soft and you just want to cuddle into during those chilly nights.

The third one is the poncho-capelet like, I’m thinking of making this for my mom-in-law and hope to accomplish this next year.

I just finish another hat, this is my second hat using a butterfly as an accent, and this time it looks like a butterfly, not sure to whom will this goes to though. I also took a close-up photo on the butterfly pin, just click the link.

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