Saturday, March 31, 2007


I posted these doilies on my other blog before, which by the way I am thinking to discontinue.

Making a doily again for the first time after so many years, was kinda bit hard, it’s like doing it the first time again.

I learned to read crochet diagram from my late mom and made my first doily when I was in grade school.

So when I started crocheting again, I have to rely on my stock knowledge which surprisingly was well enough for me to understand the meaning of each abbreviations like ch, sl st, sc, dc, tc and other stitches. But what was new to me was that it's entirely different if you're following a pattern instead of a diagram. So as I do my pineapple doily, I have to learn the meaning of each symbols like asterisks, bracket and parenthesis.

First on the menu is the first doily I made after so long ago, it's a from DMC, pineapple doily used Traditions thread. I did a lot of frogging before I finish it.

Second is a filet crochet along from Hass Design, I enjoy doing the filet hence the third project. It's from DMC leaflet I got when I was buying some yarns and spotted them on the counter. I am so happy how it turns out, and will make a another one soon :)

I’ll just have to prioritize what crochet project I want to accomplish this year, and well with time permits, as I am a mother of two handful kids ages 8 and 3, who knows what will I finish come year end. :)

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

✎ Another Hat ✎

I just finished another hat, I used Yarn pattern - Breezy Mesh Hat, and then add a butterfly as the accent. It feels great, especially when it is made for someone.

This time, I will give the it to Chai, wife of my husband's officemate. I met her during one of the get--together in the "The Mansion", and kinda like her immediately. She used to teach in preschool when she was still in Manila.

I just hope she'll like the hat. I already gave her a crocheted bookmark, I just wasn't able to take a photo of it..hence no pic.

This time instead of flower, I put a butterfly as an accent...but it doesn't seem like a butterfly to me though...must have made some extra stitches, I should have made the accent when I am more awake and alert than try finishing it in the middle of the night. I got to finished the accent at 3 in the morning.

I also made another one for her daughter Bianca. I used Ambassador--Neveda Yarn, and then combine two colors for the flowers, which I think turns out okay, I just thought of mixing the scrap yarn I have with the same type of yarn, and viola, a new style…this makes me think of another projects to do now, hmmmm :)

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Monday, March 26, 2007

✎ Side Tracked ❣ ❣ ❣ ✎

I always prided myself for finishing a certain task before going to the next, but what's this I am seeing in my blog? My crochet works are all piling up, and I am getting side tracked again with my other projects...I must finish "ASLEEP" before I go to Manila for a month long vacation.

After "ASLEEP", i will finish the "WELCOME" and then the "HORSES WILD AND FREE" cross stitch projects, with a little crocheting on the side.

My dream crochet projects are bedspreads, tablecloth & runner, afghan and some dress for my two daughters.

I went to ADEL store just to buy 1 yarn, but when I entered the store and saw all those yarns...I was hypnotized and can't help but bought a few of them...can you blame me? Yarn store to me is like heaven.... next to bookstore :)

I just wish I could find some nice yarns in the Manila. A friend from the States - Amy - told me where she bought her yarn (or was it thread?) supplies when she was in the Philippines it's in Divisoria - in front of Tutuban Mall, Harrison Plaza, and Market! Market! I also hope that I could find some crochet hooks sizes 8mm to 19mm, some afghan hooks, some knitting needles (knitting needles and crochet hooks here are a bit expensive and sizes are not all available), cro-hook (i'm not sure if afghan and cro-hooks is the same...- what about tunisian hook?) and hopefully I can find spoolknitting...well that's my wish list for the month of May.

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Friday, March 23, 2007

✎ I'm Back

Finally, I got the chance to blog my works again…I just finished my Victorian Thread Holder, and I’m currently working on a new hat - new pattern, i.e., for a new friend and her daughter. I have to give it to them before they leave for Manila on the 1st of April sot that means I still have six more days to go.

I'm not sure if I can make it, because it's a new pattern, so I'm a bit slow, I still haven't memorize the patterns because it has three stages, unlike the hats I made before. I also don't know if my husband will be the one to bring them to the airport.

Hopefully, I'll be able to finish this on Monday - 26th and I'll post the pictures once I'm done.

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Horses Wild and Free

Been out of circulation lately, been busy tweaking my blog so I can put an additional buttons on my sidebar…hurray!!! done it. As you can see on the left I made an additional buttons for my projects. I put a progress bar so that this will keeps me reminded of my obligation in my craft…

I will stay out of my computer for the next two weeks, so I can have more time with my cross stitch, which I think is enough time to make a remarkable progress on my projects.

I will post a picture of my progress on my next blog. See you later :0).

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Cross Stitching

Decided to post my cross stitch work as well today in my blog. This is my current project, Horse Wild & Free, I’ve been working on and hopefully before the year ends, I’ll be able to frame and hang it on our living room.

I can already picture it in my mind how this will look in the living room. It will make a nice focal point in our room since we don’t put accessories much aside the lamp, and some wood panels where we display some of our knick knacks.

I also attached some of my finished and unfinished work, hope you’ll like them.

1. The Unicorn – a friend gave the pattern to me as a gift, I think I left it in Manila

2. Asleep – DMC pattern

3. Spring – DMC pattern

4. Welcome – unfinished – I forgot where I got the pattern, I only have a photocopy here with me.
I haven’t frame the yet, will do that after my latest project is finish.

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Lots of Hats

I made myself a hat and another one for Abbie, - she lost hers when we went to Granada Mall …*sigh* and just finished another one last night for a friend, the hat’s color is in sky blue , as an accent the flower is in fuchsia color–requested by P.

I enjoyed doing this project. Crocheting gives me a sense of accomplishments. I am looking forward to more projects and learn new things as I go about making good in my crocheting.

I am so overwhelmed by all the projects I’m planning to do…(neckwarmer, scarves, summer dress for both of my kids) & I still have some more hats to make for my husband’s nieces though just in time for our vacation to Manila in May.

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